Idioms: not long for this world -- not worth a plugged nickel

not long for this world soon will die, do not have long to live When Lee had the flu, he said, "I'm not long for this world."
not on your life no; it is dangerous; no way "Can I shoot your gun?" I asked. "Not on your life," she replied.
not on your tintype no, never, not on your life Mom said, "You're not going to Vegas - not on your tintype!"
not playing with a full deck not rational, not all there People say he's not stable - that he's not playing with a full deck.
not so hot not special, not superior, no great shakes I went to hear Le Gang last night. They're not so hot.
not speaking not friendly, not speaking to each other Emily and Pam had a fight. They're not speaking.
not to worry do not worry, no sweat "I dropped my ice cream!" "Not to worry. There's more."
not too shabby quite good, better than average Have you seen the new Camaro? It's not too shabby.
not with it not feeling right, out of it I'm just not with it these days. I lack energy and confidence.
not worth a plugged nickel worthless, good for nothing In 1930, stocks weren't worth a plugged nickel - nothing!
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