Idioms: no rhyme or reason -- no use for

no rhyme or reason no sense, no logical plan There's no rhyme or reason to the game of golf. It's stupid!
no rush do not hurry, take your time "When does he want his car?" "He left a note saying no rush, so do the other cars first."
no shit [B] it is true, no kidding We drove from Calgary to Regina in seven hours - no shit.
no-show someone who does not attend There were two no-shows on the class list. All but two attended.
no shrinking violet a bold woman, not a timid woman Barb will defend her rights. She's no shrinking violet.
no skin off my nose no bother to me, will not hurt me If he doesn't come to my party it's no skin off my nose.
no slouch quite skilled or talented, not half bad Cora doesn't brag, but she's no slouch when it comes to tennis.
no sweat not a problem, no trouble, no prob "Thanks for the help, Ryan." "No sweat, man."
no truth to it lacking any reliable information, a pack of lies When Gary tells you about his hiking adventures, don't believe a word. There's no truth to it.
no use for no respect for, no desire to own I have no use for STAR products because they are not reliable.
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