Idioms: make your bum hum -- make yourself to home

make your bum hum excite you, please your senses, turn you on Anchovies on a banana split - that'll make your bum hum!
make your hair stand on end cause you to be afraid, petrified, scared stiff Strange sounds began coming from the closet. It was enough to make your hair stand on end.
make your head spin confuse you, amaze you, boggle your mind All the numbers on this sheet will make your head spin.
make your mark be known for an invention or an achievement, set the world on fire If you want to make your mark, do it for humanity. Think of a cure for hate and war.
make your mouth water cause you to salivate, cause you to be hungry Your carrot cake smells so good it makes my mouth water.
make your way move toward, navigate After sailing to Jamaica we made our way over to Cuba, si?
make your way survive, live by your own efforts, make a living Chad, my boy, if you are going to make your way in this world, you need an education - formal and informal.
make yourself at home relax, feel as though you are in your own home Lee's mom welcomed us, saying, "Please, make yourself at home."
make yourself scarce leave, do not stay, get lost If you see a bull in the pasture, make yourself scarce.
make yourself to home (See make yourself at home)
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