Idioms: makes no difference -- matter of life and death

makes no difference will not affect or change something The color of the car makes no difference to me. I don't care.
makings of (See the makings of)
malarkey (See a bunch of malarkey)
man of few words (See a man of few words)
man of the cloth (See a man of the cloth)
mark a watershed begins a change, starts a shift or movement, the turning point The invasion of Palestinian neighborhoods marked a watershed. That's when world opinion shifted.
mark my words listen carefully, pay attention A California team will win the Super Bowl. Mark my words.
marked man (See a marked man)
match wits compete with someone's wit or humor Don't try to match wits with Pat. He has a reply for everything.
matter of life and death (See it's a matter of life and death)
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