Idioms: set in her ways -- set-up

set in her ways having old habits, not able to change easily After living alone for fifty years, Florence was set in her ways.
set of wheels vehicle, car, truck, wheels The Ford needs a lot of repairs. I need a new set of wheels.
set off start, trigger Who set off the fire alarm? Who pushed the button?
set out place where you can see it, put where it can be used Tomorrow we go to the lake, so set out your swim suit and towel.
set out for leave, embark Then we set out for Pluto, where it's much colder than the arctic.
set out to plan to, hope to "What did you set out to do?" "I wanted to change the world."
set the table set plates and cutlery on the table If you will set the table, I won't ask you to wash the dishes.
set the world on fire do great things, achieve fame and wealth I don't want to set the world on fire. I just want a career.
set-to argument, fight After playing cards, the brothers had a set-to. They argued.
set-up plan, scheme Here's the set-up: You buy the tickets; I'll collect the money.
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