Idioms: lose it -- lose your head

lose it lose the ability to think clearly, become forgetful After 35 years of teaching, he was losing it. He was confused.
lose my train of thought forget my order of thoughts or words Don't interrupt me because I may lose my train of thought.
lose out lose a chance, fail to take advantage of If I don't apply now, I'll lose out. This is my last chance.
lose patience not be patient any longer, out of patience Mom is losing patience with us because we don't obey her.
lose sight of forget about, not remember the purpose Let's not lose sight of why we're picking berries - to make pies.
lose time waste time, fall behind We lost time when the car stalled. We were delayed.
lose track forget how many you have, lose count He tried to count the number of birds, but he soon lost track.
lose your appetite not feel hungry anymore, lose the desire to eat If a bug crawled out of your apple would you lose your appetite?
lose your cool lose control of emotions, lose your temper Don't you ever lose your cool? Don't you ever get angry?
lose your head lose your ability to think clearly If you become lost, don't lose your head. Be sensible.
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