Idioms: get a life -- get ahead

get a life change your lifestyle, get it together, get with it He never goes out - just stays at home and watches TV. I wish he would get a life!
get a lift get a ride, catch a ride I can get a lift with Brian. He's driving to Moncton.
get a load of that look at that, check that out, feast your eyes When Marilyn stepped out of the taxi, he said, "Get a load of that!"
get a move on go quickly, vamoose We're late! Let's get a move on!
get a rise get an answer, get a response Can you get a rise out of him? He doesn't answer me.
get a shot get a needle from a doctor You are sick. Maybe you should get a shot of penicillin.
get a shot at shoot at, see the target you want to shoot at The buck was partly hidden. I couldn't get a shot at it.
get a ticket receive a note stating you parked or drove illegally If you park your car on the sidewalk, you'll get a ticket.
get after scold, lecture, give you hell [B] Mom got after us for smoking. She told us it was a bad habit.
get ahead make progress, succeed Do you want to get ahead in this world? Do you want to succeed?
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