Idioms: SOS -- sow wild oats

SOS "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls", a distress call, a call for help, mayday When I was stranded in the North that winter, I tramped messages in the snow: H E L P and S O S.
soul mate the person who is your natural and compatible mate I thought Carson and I were soul mates, but we disagree a lot.
sound asleep sleeping peacefully, dead to the world When Tara went to check the baby, he was sound asleep.
sound bite radio advertisement, a few seconds of radio time I advertise our hotel on the radio using ten-second sound bites.
sound off complain, get it off your chest, speak out He was sounding off about our papers - how bad they were.
sounding board a person who listens to ideas or plans Cliff used Linda as a sounding board for his business plans.
sour grapes feeling negative because you did not win If she loses, she complains about the referee. It's just sour grapes.
sour puss one who is feeling sad, an unhappy person Don't be such a sour puss. Let's have fun.
southpaw left-handed person, lefty Our baseball team needs another pitcher - preferably a southpaw.
sow wild oats live a wild life as a young person As a youth he lived a reckless life. He sowed a few wild oats.
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