Idioms: play the stock market -- plumb loco

play the stock market buy stocks and shares, sell stocks and shares At first he invested in real estate; then he played the stock market.
play to the crowd play a sport just for the crowd, a hotdog The coach wants us to play to win, not play to the crowd.
play with fire do risky things, live dangerously, take chances "If you play with fire," Trine explained, "you may get burned. You may get hurt."
pleased as punch very pleased, happy about Our minister is pleased as punch when there's a large offering.
pluck at the heart strings cause us to feel sadness or longing, move you to tears, touch you I'm feeling sentimental. That song is plucking at my heart strings.
plug away work slowly and steadily, slug away If you plug away at physics, you will eventually understand it.
plug into become familiar with, learn to use If he wants to be a dentist, he'll have to plug into the sciences.
plug the product (See put in a plug for)
plug the team add the best players from other teams The Flyers plugged their team with star players from the league.
plumb loco completely crazy, crackers After several crop failures, one farmer went plumb loco.
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