Idioms: head is spinning -- health nut

head is spinning mind is confused, boggle your mind The lawyer asked me so many questions my head was spinning.
head on directly, without hesitation Lynn meets her challenges head on, but Vera tries to avoid them.
head out leave, depart We should head out soon. We have a long way to go.
head over heels in love with, crazy about Lan's head over heels for Chan. She's crazy about him.
head up lead, manage Rod will head up the project. He can get the job done.
head up there go there, travel north, head down there I've always wanted to go to Alaska. Let's head up there.
headhunter a person who looks for professional employees The headhunters are looking for good computer programmers.
heads or tails choose one or the other, which side of the coin? "Heads or tails?" the gambler asked as he flipped the coin.
heads will roll people will be dismissed, people will be fired When the manager hears about the damage, heads will roll.
health nut a person who eats health foods and does exercises to become healthy Gary is a health nut. He eats fruit and granola, and jogs five to ten kilometres every day.
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