Idioms: a lucky streak -- a must

a lucky streak winning several times in succession Whenever I wear this ring, I have a lucky streak. I win every game!
a major a poor credit rating from a major credit card company The bank won't approve your loan if you have a major.
a man of few words a man who says little; who uses few words Chung is a man of few words, but when he speaks, people listen.
a man of the cloth a minister, a priest, a clergyman Being a man of the cloth, he has studied the Bible.
a man's home is his castle a man can relax and please himself in his own home I let Ron think he's king when he comes home from work. He believes a man's home is his castle.
a marked man a person known for political beliefs or criminal acts When they discovered I had been a Nazi, I was a marked man.
a matter of life and death (See it's a matter of life and death)
a mental block a problem with learning a subject or concept I have a mental block when I try to do algebra. I can't think.
a month of Sundays a very long time, many days It will take a month of Sundays to phone all the students in our school.
a must a necessary experience, a required item If you like words, you need a dictionary. It's a must!
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