Idioms: ease up -- eat humble pie

ease up work or play slower, take it easy on Ease up on the younger players, eh. Don't work them too hard.
ease up not push as much, reduce the pressure, let up You can ease up on the gas pedal when we reach 100 km per hour.
easy as pie very easy to do, a piece of cake That math problem is easy as pie. I'll show you how to do it.
easy come, easy go if we get things free we do not worry when we lose them As Ming was spending his lottery money, he said, "Easy come, easy go."
easy pickings an easy task or job, a piece of cake It was a multiple-choice test - easy pickings if you studied.
easy street an easy life, a life with lots of money to spend Win five million dollars and we'll be on easy street.
easy time of it not much work to do, an easy life While living with his wealthy aunt, he had an easy time of it.
eat crow admit you were wrong, take back what you said (see take it back) When I lost the bet, I had to eat crow - admit I was wrong.
eat high off the hog (See high on the hog)
eat humble pie admit I did not play well, feel humble after defeat Ben had to eat humble pie after he finished fourth in the race.
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