Idioms: like a hawk -- like it or lump it

like a hawk (See watch me like a hawk)
like a mother hawk (See watch over like a mother hawk)
like a hot potato (See drop him like a hot potato)
like a ton of bricks heavily, with much weight and force When the cable broke, the cargo came down like a ton of bricks.
like crazy/like mad a lot, very much, to beat the band She laughed like crazy whenever Earl told a joke.
like dog's breath not pleasant, not popular This plan smells like dog's breath. It's a bad plan.
like father, like son sons are like their fathers, a chip off the old block This is Fred, and this is Fred, Jr. Like father, like son.
like hell [B] not likely, no way, not "It's a goal!" said the referee. "Like hell it is!" said the goalie.
like hell [B] fast, go like stink That dog can run like hell.
like it or lump it if we do not like it, that is too bad; tough bananas This is the supper Dad cooked for us - like it or lump it.
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