Idioms: watch me like a hawk -- watch your step

watch me like a hawk watch me carefully, on my case, watch your every move I couldn't do anything. The teacher was watching me like a hawk!
watch out be careful, look out Watch out! There's a truck!
watch out for watch and care for, keep an eye on Jamie, you watch out for Cathy. Hold her hand at the crosswalk.
watch over care for, protect, look after "Who watches over you, Kari?" "My Guardian Angel, that's who."
watch over like a mother hawk watch carefully and protect, keep an eye on She's a good babysitter. She watches over Katia like a mother hawk!
watch your every move watch to see if you do something wrong, watch me like a hawk If the police think you are a suspect, they watch your every move.
watch your language do not swear, do not use crude language Watch your language. There are children in the room.
watch your P's and Q's be polite, mind your manners At the banquet, remember your manners. Watch your P's and Q's.
watch your step watch where you step, be careful Watch your step, Grandfather. The sidewalk is icy.
watch your step stay out of trouble, keep your nose clean The referee told me not to fight. "Watch your step," he said.
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