Idioms: light up -- like a dirty shirt

light up light a cigarette, begin to smoke As Ken left the school, he lit up. It was okay to smoke outside.
lighten up relax, do not be so serious Lighten up, Charles. Try to see the humor in life.
lighthearted humorous, joking His lighthearted approach to life is popular with students.
lightning fast very quick, super fast, faster than a speeding bullet, greased lightning The black mamba is lightning fast - one of the fastest - and is the most deadly of African snakes.
lights are on but... (See the lights are on but nobody's home)
like a bat out of hell very fast, go like stink When Harriet is late for work, she drives like a bat out of hell.
like a bolt from the blue like a sign from heaven, like a flash of light Like a bolt from the blue, I got the idea to shave my head.
like a broken record repeating the same sound, saying it over and over again From morning till night I hear that complaint - like a broken record!
like a chicken on a June bug very quickly, in a flash, before you can say Jack Robinson If you leave a chocolate bar on the table, Kathie will be on it - like a chicken on a June bug!
like a dirty shirt always there - like shirts that need to be washed If you have a garage sale, Jim will be there like a dirty shirt.
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