Idioms: laughing -- lay it on the line

laughing fortunate, lucky, rich etc. He has a full scholarship to go to university. He's laughing.
laughing stock (See the laughing stock)
laundered money stolen money that has been invested or donated Do Mafia companies donate laundered money to the church?
lay [B] have sex with, get laid [B] Chuck brags about all the girls he's laid, but I don't believe him.
lay a trip suggest guilt or blame or duty Don't lay a trip on me about low grades. I'm studying hard.
lay down your arms stop fighting, bury the hatchet It's time to lay down your arms. Stop fighting with your sister.
lay down your life for die for, be killed for Doug was killed in World War II. He laid down his life for Canada.
lay eyes on see, look at She says she's my sister, but I've never laid eyes on her before.
lay it on compliment, praise, a little thick The salesman is praising the new Camry. He's really laying it on.
lay it on the line be truthful, the straight goods You can lay it on the line. I want to know if I passed or failed.
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