Idioms: cow-pie -- crack the line-up

cow-pie cow shit [B] cow dung Watch where you step. There are cow-pies everywhere. Oops!
cowpoke a cowboy, a man who works on a ranch Three cowpokes were herding some cattle down the road.
Cowtown Calgary, Alberta; a town where cows are sold The Calgary Stampede is the pride of Cowtown. Y'all come!
crack a book study, read a textbook Sean passed that exam without cracking a book.
crack a joke tell a joke, say a funny word or phrase Please be serious. Don't crack jokes or laugh at us.
crack down on stop, not permit, not allow The police began to crack down on speeders in the school zones.
crack me up make me laugh hard, split a gut Robin Williams cracks me up when he tells a story.
crack of dawn (See at the crack of dawn)
crack shot/salesman etc. a person who is highly skilled at shooting etc. Marvin has developed into a crack salesman. He's excellent.
crack the line-up earn a place on a team, make the team He's a good basketball player, but can he crack the line-up?
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