Idioms: tickled pink -- tied to your mother's apron strings

tickled pink happy, very pleased Aunt Sophia was tickled pink to receive a photo of the family.
tiddly neat, tidy, clean and shiny, spiffy The ship is ready for inspection. Everything is tiddly.
tide me over supply me for a few days, provide money until payday, last me Jane gave me a few dollars to tide me over until I get paid.
tide turned (See the tide turned)
tie in connect, relate Can you tell me how lasers tie in? How do lasers apply to surgery?
tie into scold, lecture, give you hell [B] When we were alone, he tied into me. He said I caused the problem.
tie one on drink a lot of liquor, become very drunk At Cayla's wedding, Uncle Ben tied one on. He got really drunk.
tie up tie a string or piece of rope around If you tie up the parcel I'll take it to the post office.
tie up loose ends finish a project, complete the details of some work, finishing touch "Have you finished the survey?" "Just about. I have to tie up some loose ends and print the report."
tied to your mother's apron strings still dependent on mom, needing your mom's help He has to ask his mother. He's still tied to her apron strings.
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