Idioms: kick the weed -- kill me

kick the weed stop smoking, kick the habit (see kick a habit)of smoking It's hard to kick the weed after smoking for twenty years.
kick up a fuss complain, make a scene Jon will kick up a fuss if he doesn't get paid on time.
kick up your heels celebrate, go to parties, have fun After you've written your exams you can kick up your heels.
kicking around lying around here; is here or there or somewhere near "Do you have a hammer?" "Ya, there's one kickin' around here somewhere."
kid joke, fool, tease, josh I was kidding when I said the mosquitoes are as big as bats.
kid you not tell the truth, not joke There were three large circles in the field, I kid you not.
kill a penalty (hockey) prevent a goal while your player has a penalty Team Canada killed a penalty near the end of the game.
kill an elephant do too much, do ten times more than necessary, overdo it He asked you to adjust the carburetor, not rebuild the motor. Don't kill an elephant!
kill for do anything to get it, in the worst way Lea would kill for a date with Mat. She really likes him.
kill me cause me to laugh a lot, crack me up Your jokes kill me. They're so funny I nearly die laughing.
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