Idioms: jump at the chance -- jump through hoops

jump at the chance be ready to try if you have the opportunity If I was asked to play with their band, I'd jump at the chance.
jump for joy jump up and down because you are happy When their horse won the race, they jumped for joy.
jump in the lake (See go jump in the lake)
jump in with both feet become totally involved, go whole hog Ken gets involved in his work. He jumps in with both feet.
jump out of your skin jump with fright, become very scared, scared stiff Keith, if you had seen that ghost, you would have jumped right out of your skin!
jump queue go to the front of a line of people waiting for service, horn in If somebody jumps queue in front of Dad, he tells them to go to the back of the line.
jump ship go to work for the other team - the competition The company asked me to sign a form saying I wouldn't jump ship.
jump start use cables to start a car, kick start One cold morning my dad helped me to jump start my car.
jump the gun act too soon, leave early A good chef waits until the food is cooked. Don't jump the gun.
jump through hoops do all the required steps, red tape To get a student loan, I had to jump through a lot of hoops.
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