Idioms: shake a habit -- shareware

shake a habit quit a habit, kick a habit It's difficult to shake the habits you learn as a child.
shake a leg hurry, move it Shake a leg or you'll be late for work. Hurry!
shake a stick at (See more than you can shake a stick at)
shake hands be friends after a fight, agree the fight is over They argue for hours, but they always shake hands afterward.
shake him make him nervous, cause him to lose confidence Even the divorce didn't shake him. He didn't change at all.
shake on it shake hands to show you agree on a price or a deal After they agree on a price, they shake on it. It's a deal.
shaky ground (See on shaky ground)
shape up improve, reform, get it together The coach told us to shape up - to come to practice on time.
shape up or ship out improve your work or go away, if you can't cut it... "Soldiers must obey orders," the officer said. "You will learn to shape up or ship out."
shareware computer programs that people share Shareware will help us to save money. We'll share software.
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