Idioms: blow sky high -- blow up

blow sky high upset a lot of people, cause a scandal or riot This government will blow sky high if people hear these tapes.
blow snakes (music) play great jazz, improvise creatively I went to hear jazz at the club, and Guido was blowing snakes.
blow the lid off reveal a story, tell some news, break a story When the defendant confessed, it blew the lid off the murder trial.
blow the whistle tell the teacher or the police, squeal Jimmy knows we stole the keys, but he won't blow the whistle.
blow them away defeat them badly, kick butt The Russians blew them away in the first game of the series.
blow this joint leave this building, quit this place I'm sick of playing billiards. Let's blow this joint.
blow this Popsicle stand leave this place, quit this place What a boring town! Let's blow this Popsicle stand!
blow to kingdom come explode and destroy, blow up There's enough gas in the well to blow us kingdom come!
blow up explode using a bomb or dynamite They plan to blow up that old building because it's unsafe.
blow up become angry, lose your temper If you criticize Al, he'll blow up. He's very sensitive.
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