Idioms: in seventh heaven -- in the bag

in seventh heaven in a very good mood, feeling very happy When Smitty asked me to marry him, I was in seventh heaven.
in sick bay very sick, very ill, as sick as a parrot, as sick as a dog "Where's Mel?" "In sick bay after last night's pub crawl."
in step doing things in a similar way, together Are you in step with our youth? Do you understand how they feel?
in stir (See in the tank)
in stitches laughing hard, crack me up I was in stitches before she finished telling the joke.
in store for in the future, going to happen Carlos didn't know what was in store for him in Canada.
in stride (See take it in stride)
in that vein similar, on the same topic, along those lines The prime minister talked about the sacrifices we had to bring in the present economic situation. Even the opposition went on in that vein.
in the back of my mind in my memory, in your mind's eye In the back of my mind I could see our dog - asleep by the fire.
in the bag drunk, loaded, sloshed Two drinks and she'll be in the bag. She gets drunk easily.
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