Idioms: take in -- take it in stride

take in make smaller, tighten These pants need to be taken in at the waist. They're too large.
take in attend, visit When you come to Calgary, be sure to take in the Stampede.
take it endure it, accept it, stand it He treats you very badly. Why do you take it?
take it understand it is true, believe it is this way I take it you want the whole class to write a report. Is that right?
take it and run accept the offer and be happy, be satisfied He offered to pay $200 for the damage, so I took it and ran.
take it back not mean to say it, withdraw what you said I said you were a turkey, but I take it back. You're a rat!
take it easy do not try so hard, do not work so hard When you jog, take it easy. Rest often.
take it easy on be less demanding, go easy on When you train the dogs, take it easy on Taffy. She's just a pup.
take it for a spin drive it, test drive it Al has a new motorcycle. I hope he lets me take it for a spin.
take it in stride continue without delay, cope with Lilian is so steady. If there's a problem, she takes it in stride.
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