Idioms: firm market -- first off

firm market strong market, seller's market A firm market in the automotive industry is good for the American economy.
first and foremost first and most important, firstly The speaker began by saying, "First and foremost... ."
first class high quality, excellent Pam's meals are first class. She's an excellent cook.
first come, first served whoever comes first gets served first If tickets are selling on a first-come basis, let's buy ours now.
first crack at first turn, first chance to do it I want first crack at solving the problem. I want to try first.
first dibs first person to use it, first chance to use it When we get to the motel, I get first dibs on the shower.
first down/first and ten first try to gain ten yards (in football) The Lions have a first down on their own 35-yard line.
first hand being there to see or hear it, in person I want to see the Pantheon first hand. I want to see its dome.
first light (See at first light)
first off first on the list, the first thing to do First off, we should define the problem. Then we can solve it.
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