Idioms: c'est la vie -- call it a day

c'est la vie that is fate, that's life If you have bad luck some days, it's natural. C'est la vie!
Cabbagetown a district in Toronto where European immigrants live Restaurants in Cabbagetown serve European food.
cabin fever feeling depressed because you have to stay inside After three weeks of cold weather we all had cabin fever.
cackleberries eggs, chicken eggs Look! This hen laid five cackleberries!
call a spade a spade say it in plain language; the straight goods Kris will report the facts. She's not afraid to call a spade a spade.
call attention to ask you to read or notice, draw attention to I would like to call attention to the student parking problem.
call for require, ask for This recipe calls for bee pollen. Where can we get that?
call his bluff challenge his story, give it to me straight, put up or shut up When I called his bluff about low profits, he admitted that the company made 11 million.
call into account consider, factor in, reckon with, account for If you want to go to Ottawa on the first of July, you have to call holiday traffic into account.
call it a day not work anymore today, call it quits I'm feeling very tired. I think I'll call it a day.
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