Idioms: in a stew -- in broad daylight

in a stew concerned and upset, in a tizzy Dad gets in such a stew when Mom is sick. He really worries.
in a tight spot in a difficult position, in a pinch Mom told me to go, and Dad told me to stay. I was in a tight spot.
in a tizzy upset, flustered, in a flap Aunt Lottie gets in a tizzy when she can't find her wig.
in agreement believing or feeling the same things When we discuss Canadian unity, we're in agreement.
in any way, shape or form in any way, at all, in the least Winning the award didn't affect her in any way, shape or form. She hasn't changed at all.
in bad faith not sincere, not really trying to agree The workers accused management of bargaining in bad faith.
in bad shape not feeling well, out of it The day after the party I was in bad shape. How my head ached!
in black and white written and signed, in writing If they say the car is guaranteed, get it down in black and white.
in brief briefly, without giving details In brief, all flights have been canceled.
in broad daylight easy to see, not trying to hide The man undressed right there on the street - in broad daylight.
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