Idioms: for heaven's sake -- for the fun of it

for heaven's sake for the sake of everyone, for goodness sake For heaven's sake, don't give her a teapot. She has four!
for kicks for fun, for enjoyment "What do you guys do for kicks?" "I play computer games."
for laughs for fun, for amusement For laughs, we watch old movies.
for long for a long time, for many minutes or days She wasn't in the water for very long - just a couple of minutes.
for love nor money not for any reason, never, no way I won't skydive for love nor money. It's too dangerous.
for openers as a first activity, to begin For openers, let's discuss the budget. It's very important.
for Pete's sake for the good of "Pete" and everybody, please For Pete's sake, don't talk when your mouth is full of food!
for sure yes, certainly, no doubt I'll pay you back tomorrow for sure. I promise.
for the birds poor quality, crummy, the pits It was a beautiful wedding, but the food was for the birds.
for the fun of it for fun, for a good time, for laughs "Why did you take my bike?" "Just for the fun of it."
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