Idioms: a hollow leg -- a hotdog

a hollow leg space for a lot of drink, room for a lot of beer Parl drank six bottles of beer. He must have a hollow leg!
a holy pile a lot, very much, tons To feed 20 people, you need a holy pile of spaghetti.
a hoot a time of laughter, a good time, a riot Last night we went to Maude's party. It was a hoot.
a horse of a different color a different matter, a separate issue If he wants to buy the land, that's a horse of a different color.
a horse's ass [B] a fool, a jerk After three drinks he was acting like a horse's ass.
a hot hand lucky in card games or at gambling Walter's got a hot hand tonight. He's won four games of poker.
a hot number a couple (or topic) that everyone is talking about Paul and Rita are a hot number now. They're in love.
a hot ticket a popular item, a product that people want Anything with James Dean's picture on it is a hot ticket.
a hot topic popular topic, the talk of the town Sex is a hot topic. Sex will get their attention.
a hotdog one who plays only for the crowd, a show-off Eddie was a hotdog - always trying to excite the crowd.
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