Idioms: want a piece of me -- wash it off

want a piece of me want to hurt me, want revenge, have at me I wrote a letter to the local paper criticizing the hockey team. Now everybody wants a piece of me.
want it so bad I can taste it want it very much, die for I want that trophy. I want it so bad I can taste it.
want to make something of it do you want to argue or fight about it? Yes, I did kiss Millie Watkins. Wanna make something of it?
warm up begin to exercise, exercise slowly To warm up, she walks about a kilometer; then she jogs.
warmed over warmed on a stove, reheated For supper we had warmed-over waffles. They tasted okay.
warped sense of humor thinking that weird things are funny If you laugh at cruelty, you have a warped sense of humor.
wash (See a wash)
wash down wash by letting water run down, hose it down If the kids play in the bathroom I'll have to wash down the walls.
wash it down drink to help you swallow, drink after eating Have a donut - and some coffee to wash it down.
wash it off spray water to clean it, hose it off If you spill latex paint, you can wash it off with water.
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