Idioms: lay low -- lay waste

lay low stay out of sight; out of circulation The escaped prisoner planned to lay low for a few days.
lay of the land (See get the lay of the land)
lay off be unable to employ any longer, let go NSU laid off 50 employees because there's not enough work.
lay off stop doing it, quit it, cut it out I think I'll lay off coffee. I'm getting too much caffeine.
lay on provide, supply The chefs lay on lots of food at the banquet. It's a feast!
lay over stay overnight while traveling On the way to Winnipeg, we usually lay over in Regina.
lay rubber spin a car's wheels, drag race He likes to drive fast. He lays rubber at every intersection.
lay the blame blame, say who is at fault When he fails a test, his mom lays the blame on the teacher.
lay the lumber hit with a hockey stick, slash with a hockey stick The losing team started to lay the lumber on our best players.
lay waste damage, wreck, plunder The Vikings raided Scotland's coast, laying waste the villages.
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