Idioms: hold your drinks -- hole in one (golf)

hold your drinks drink liquor but not be rude or foolish You may be able to hold your drinks, but you can't drive my car.
hold your hand help you when you are afraid, baby-sit you When you go to college, who's going to hold your hand?
hold your horses wait a minute, hold on, hold the phone When I said the accident was his fault, he said, "Hold your horses!"
hold your mouth the right way if you shape your mouth the right way you can do it, the way you hold... "I can't tie a reef knot." "Sure you can - if you hold your mouth the right way."
hold your nose accept it but not like it, look the other way This plan is better than no plan, so hold your nose and vote for it.
hold your own be equal to the others, keep pace She can hold her own with the best skiers. She's excellent.
hold your temper control your temper, do not lose your temper Try to hold your temper when you work with the children. Don't get angry because they learn from watching you.
hold your tongue be polite, do not talk back When your father is talking, you hold your tongue. You be quiet.
holding the bag left alone to finish the work or be responsible Mom says we leave her holding the bag - to finish jobs alone.
hole in one (golf) hit the ball from the tee into the cup in one stroke There's a $50 prize for a hole in one at the Pines Golf Course.
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