Idioms: mayday (m'aidez) -- melt in your mouth

mayday (m'aidez) distress signal, call for help, SOS "Mayday! Mayday!" we shouted into our cell phones when the tanks started running over people in the streets.
mean business is serious or determined, no nonsense At work or play she means business. She is a serious person.
mean streak being unkind at times, having cruel traits Kurt has a mean streak in him. Did you see him kick his dog?
mean well wants to help, has good intentions Kay is a gossip, but she means well. She tries to be a friend.
measure up do enough work, achieve high quality With more training, he'll improve. He'll measure up to our standards.
meet up with meet, encounter In Montreal, he met up with a young singer named Celine.
meet you half way find an equitable agreement, split the difference Try to settle the claim out of court. See if he will meet you half way.
meeting of minds mutual agreement, consensus We agreed to share the cost of the project. It was a meeting of minds.
megabucks a lot of money, thousands of dollars Her personal computer system cost megabucks. It was very expensive.
melt in your mouth fine bread or pastry, food with a fine texture Aunt Carol's muffins are so good! They just melt in your mouth!
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