Idioms: hold out for -- hold you up

hold out for wait to get full price, drive a hard bargain He'll hold out for the full price of his car. He'll wait.
hold that over my head remind me of my mistake, judge me by a failure My parking ticket - is he going to hold that over my head?
hold the fort manage until we return, look after things The manager asked me to hold the fort while he was gone.
hold the phone wait a minute, let me think about it "Dad, I'm going to quit school." "Hold the phone! Let's talk."
hold the purse strings control how much is spent, decide when to spend He does the talking, but she holds the purse strings.
hold up stall, be unable to go, be unable to continue The plane was held up because of a snowstorm - delayed an hour.
hold up use a gun in a robbery, mugged A robber held up the store and took the money from the till.
hold up cope, not cry, not lose control of your grief Teri has endured a lot of pain. How's she holding up?
hold water be logical, be sensible He can't be in two places at once. His story doesn't hold water.
hold you up delay you, cause you to be late Did the traffic hold you up? Is that why you were late?
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