Idioms: carry out -- case of

carry out do, complete, execute Now that we have the loan we can carry out our plan.
carry the can be responsible, see that the job gets done The manager gets a big salary, but Mario carries the can.
carry the conversation continue the conversation, continue talking to you Visiting with Sally is easy. She carries the conversation!
carry the day provide enough energy or support, fill the gap We need one more volunteer. If you can come it will carry the day.
carry weight have influence, have power Nina is a good reference; her name carries a lot of weight.
carry your weight do your share of the work, do enough work If you carry your weight, you can work here for the summer.
cart before the horse (See the cart before the horse)
cascade (business) allow information to flow down to the employees Archie thinks we should control this information, not cascade it.
case in point an example to support my point or thesis Social democracy can succeed. Sweden is a case in point.
case of (See a case of)
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