Idioms: history -- hit me

history fired, dismissed, gone, down the road If you refuse to do a job, you're history, pal.
hit (See a hit)
hit and miss some right and some wrong, trial and error Hiring good help is still a hit-and-miss procedure.
hit and run (baseball) a play in which the batter tries to hit as the base runner runs On the next pitch, the Mets tried a hit and run, but the batter missed the ball.
hit and run (traffic) an accident in which the driver leaves the scene of the collision Was your car involved in a hit-and-run accident? Did you fail to stop after hitting someone?
hit home become very meaningful, affect you personally, touch you When they see hungry Canadian children on TV, the message about poverty will hit home.
hit it off relate well, be friends immediately Gus and Bert seem to hit it off. They've been talking for hours.
hit man hired killer, a person who is paid to commit murder The hit man who killed the president is a terrorist.
hit me (card games) give me another card; yes, I'll have another one The old man looked at his cards carefully, then said, "Hit me."
hit me the meaning becomes clear to me, I understand It hit me later that she was a teacher, not a student.
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