Idioms: hear me out -- heavy duty

hear me out listen to all that I have to say, do not interrupt me Please, hear me out. Wait until I finish before you comment.
heart is in the right place people who encourage you even if they cannot help Max is too old to help us now, but his heart's in the right place.
heat is on (See the heat is on)
heaven forbid we should not do it, we are not permitted Grandma said, "Heaven forbid! Don't play hockey on Sunday!"
heaven help us we are facing a crisis, we need a lot of help Heaven help us if we have an accident with Dad's Mercedes.
heavens goodness, oh dear, gosh Heavens! You weren't supposed to arrive until Friday!
heavens to Betsy oh no, heavens Heavens to Betsy! I can't find my purse!
heavy very serious, not fun War is a heavy topic because it involves death and destruction.
heavy day (See a heavy day)
heavy duty very difficult, demanding I have to work hard at math. It's a heavy-duty course.
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