Idioms: The Grim Reaper -- the inside story

The Grim Reaper an executioner; a person who decides your fate, position, grades, etc. Old Mason was The Grim Reaper. He showed no mercy when he failed students.
The Group of Five/The Regina Five artists K. Lockhead, A. McKay, D. Morton, T. Godwin, R. Bloore The Group of Five are famous for their bold, abstract paintings.
The Group of Seven Canadian painters who formed a group in 1917 Do you know the names of the artists in The Group of Seven?
the handwriting is on the wall the message is clear, the conclusion is obvious I tell my students the handwriting is on the wall: learn how to learn.
the hard way the difficult method, the rocky road If we plan, we can avoid doing our work the hard way.
the heat is on there is pressure to win, we must succeed When you compete for a career position, the heat is on.
the hell you say I do not believe it, get out, go on Harper won the election? The hell you say!
the in-crowd a few special people, a clique Cleo's part of the in-crowd - the girls who play on the basketball team.
the in's and out's knowledge and experience, knowing the ropes He knows the in's and out's of the car business. He's experienced.
the inside story the personal story, the story that is not published Greg knows the inside story on the Lawson murders. He's married to Marcia Lawson.
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