Idioms: top secret -- touch base

top secret very private information, not public, it's not a state secret This computer program is top secret. Don't show it to anyone!
top that do better than that, improve on that "Top that!" the farmer said, holding up a six-pound potato.
toss it around discuss it, consider it We like your idea. Can we toss it around for awhile? Discuss it?
toss-up (See it's a toss-up)
total stranger (See a total stranger)
totally awesome excellent, fantastic, far out The Band was totally awesome! They were excellent!
totem pole (See low on the totem pole)
touch a drop drink a drop of liquor, have a drink of liquor Steve was a heavy drinker, but he hasn't touched a drop in years.
touch and go between life and death, nip and tuck I recovered from my heart attack, but it was touch and go for awhile.
touch base contact again, keep in touch Touch base with me in a month or so. Call me about May 10.
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