Idioms: got you by the short hairs -- grand slam

got you by the short hairs has a painful hold on you, has an advantage, gotcha "What can I do about a bad credit rating?" "Not much. They've got you by the short hairs."
got you cornered make it difficult to move or answer "I've got you cornered," he said, pointing at the checker board.
got your number know how to manage you; how to get her way She's got your number, Bill. She knows you'll do anything she asks.
gotcha (got you) tricked you, defeated you When I don't know the answer, he says, "Gotcha!"
gotches men's shorts, men's underwear Uh oh, no clean gotches. It's time to do my laundry.
grab a bite to eat eat a lunch or meal, have a bite We were so busy we didn't have time to grab a bite to eat.
grab a chair sit down, have a seat, take a load off your feet After I introduced everybody, I said, "Grab a chair and sit down."
grain belt a region or area that produces cereal crops The grain belt got very little rain this year. The land is dry.
grain of salt (See take it with a grain of salt)
grand slam a home run with runners on all bases, a major score It was 5-1. Then Carter hit a grand slam and tied the game, 5-5.
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