Idioms: take it like a man -- take me seriously

take it like a man be brave when hurt, do not complain about problems They told him not to cry when he was hurt - to take it like a man.
take it or leave it take this offer or refuse it; no bargaining I'll give you $150 for the sofa - take it or leave it.
take it out on express anger toward an innocent person Vince gets angry at work; then he takes it out on his kids.
take it personally believe you are being attacked or accused He was criticizing the whole class; don't take it personally.
take it the wrong way misunderstand, feel bad; no offense, but... He stares because he is curious. Don't take it the wrong way.
take it to heart believe it is said to you, feel it is meant for you When he said we'll burn in hell, Ella cried. She took it to heart.
take it with a grain of salt do not believe all of it, some of it is not true When Brian talks, take it with a grain of salt. Believe very little.
take its course develop naturally, go through a process, willy-nilly We can control many parts of our environment, but the weather just takes its course.
take leave of your senses act like a fool, not think clearly, off your rocker If you wear your bathing suit to church, people will think you've taken leave of your senses.
take me seriously be serious about me and what I say and do I'm not joking about going to a psychic. Please take me seriously.
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