Idioms: grandfather -- greasy kid's stuff

grandfather to exempt from new rules, to keep it the same, grandfather clause This new law prohibits restaurants from serving french fries, but restaurants that now serve fries have been grandfathered.
grandfather clause a written statement that protects an employee, a right, a privilege, etc. They can't demote him or delete his position because he has a grandfather clause.
granola a person who believes in less government and a natural way of living Pat is mostly granola. She wants to join a commune, grow gardens and protect the environment.
grapevine (See through the grapevine)
grass is greener... (See the grass is greener on the other side of the fence)
gravy train a profitable product, the rest is gravy In 1928, coal was Alberta's gravy train.
grease my palm pay me, give me money If you want good service, grease his palm. Give him a tip, eh.
greased lightning very, very fast; faster than a speeding bullet Oh, I've slowed down a bit over the years. When I was a teenager they used to call me Jimmy "greased lightning" Fraser.
greaser a young man with greasy hair, a hoodlum, a hood Two greasers were hanging out behind the school.
greasy kid's stuff heavy hair dressing, thick hair oil None of that greasy kid's stuff on my hair. I use a natural product.
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