Idioms: going great guns -- golden years

going great guns working very well, going strong We were going great guns till our goalie got hurt. Then they scored.
going rate (See the going rate)
going strong doing well, succeeding The party was going strong - lots of dancing and laughter.
going to the mountains going home, returning to the place you call home "Where did John go when he left here?" "He said he was going to the mountains - going home."
going to town working or talking hard, protesting, sounding off One man was really going to town, speaking against taxes.
gol dang/gol darn frustrating, dad-blamed, darn The gol dang cord is tangled. It's full of knots.
golden age best years, time of most prosperity He said the decade after World War II was Canada's golden age.
golden opportunity (See a golden opportunity)
golden rule (See The Golden Rule)
golden years 65 years of age or older, sunset years Dad is retired now, enjoying his golden years.
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