Idioms: out of here (outa here) -- out of my hair

out of here (outa here) going, leaving When I get paid, I'm outa here.
out of his element not trained, too deep for him He was out of his element when they began discussing DNA.
out of hock not having debts, not owing any money We paid off our mortgage today. It feels good to be out of hock.
out of it not feeling right, not with it For some reason, I'm out of it today. I have no energy.
out of joint (See nose is out of joint)
out of kilter (See off kilter)
out of line not showing respect, not polite Ty was out of line when he called you a hooker.
out of luck nothing left for you, shit out of luck [B] We're out of luck. There are no tickets left.
out of my depth not having the knowledge, over my head I was out of my depth talking about genetics with the doctors.
out of my hair not bothering me, not a problem for me Next week the kids will be back at school - out of Mom's hair.
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