Idioms: a dust-up -- a few bricks short of a full load

a dust-up a fight, a skirmish; set-to The boys argued and had a little dust-up, but no one got hurt.
a fair shake a fair deal, a just settlement The insurance company gave us a fair shake - paid all our damages.
a falling out a disagreement, a break in friendship Guy and Jean had a falling out. They argued about religion.
a false move a wrong move, a threatening action A man with a gun said, "If you make a false move, you're dead."
a far cry not similar, very different This is good sherry, but it's a far cry from the amontillado.
a faraway look the eyes show thoughts of a distant place or friend When I mention horses, you get a faraway look in your eyes.
a fart in a windstorm an act that has no effect, an unimportant event A letter to the editor of a paper is like a fart in a windstorm.
a fat lip a hit on the lip, an injured lip Stop bothering her or I'll give you a fat lip. I'll hit you.
a feather in your cap an honor, a credit to you, chalk one up for you Because you are Karen's teacher, her award is a feather in your cap.
a few bricks short of a full load not sensible or logical, not all there When Moe began eating bugs, we knew he was a few bricks short.
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