Idioms: feel free -- fender bender

feel free feel that you may do it, by all means Feel free to use the library. You can read and study there.
feel myself (See not feeling myself)
feel the pinch feel a little bit poorer, feel there is less money Now that we have only one income, we feel the pinch.
feeling bum feeling lazy or negative, lacking energy I'm feeling kind of bum today. I didn't sleep well last night.
feeling good a little bit drunk, buzzed, had a few After drinking a few beers Pat was feeling good.
feeling his oats feeling energetic, feeling strong Look at that cowboy dance! He's feeling his oats tonight.
feeling no pain half drunk, half-corked After three drinks of rum, Alex was feeling no pain.
fence sitter a person who supports both sides in an argument, middle ground Many politicians become fence sitters because they want to please everyone.
fend for yourself be independent, care for yourself Soon you'll know the city, and you can fend for yourself.
fender bender minor car accident, collision I had a little fender bender with your car, Dad - just a scratch.
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