Idioms: have the final say -- have you for breakfast

have the final say make the final decision, call the shots The children want a pony, but John has the final say.
have the floor it is your turn to speak to the group You have the floor, Mai. Please tell us about your idea.
have the makings of (See the makings of)
have things in hand (See have it in hand)
have to must, cannot avoid Jill has to go to the meeting. She's the president.
have to go need to visit a washroom, have to whiz Can we find a washroom? I have to go.
have to go some must try harder, have to improve You'll have to go some to get an A. It's a difficult course.
have to hand it to you must admit that you can do it, give you credit (see give her credit) I have to hand it to you. You did every problem correctly.
have what it takes (See got what it takes)
have you for breakfast defeat you easily, cut you to ribbons Don't try to beat the gangsters. They'll have you for breakfast.
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