Idioms: eat your fill -- eh

eat your fill eat until you are satisfied, eat as much as you can Eat your fill. You won't have another meal till we get home.
eat your heart out envy my prize, wish that you had one When Kurt won the Porsche, he said, "Eat your heart out, guys."
eat your words regret what you said, admit you were wrong He told me the answer, and I had to eat my words. I was wrong.
eating you (See what's eating you)
edgy nervous, cranky, touchy You're kind of edgy today. Did you sleep well last night?
eff 'im [B] fuck him, tell him to fuck off, the F-word I've had enough of his lack of responsibility! Eff 'im!
egg me on encourage me, tell me to do it I didn't want to steal the exam, but they egged me on.
egg on my face embarrassed, outsmarted I made a deal with Jake and ended up with egg on my face.
ego trip feeling of self importance, feeling superior If you tell him he played well, he'll go on an ego trip.
eh you understand, you know what I am taking about There were three boys but only two girls, eh.
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