Idioms: sure as shit -- sweat bullets

sure as shit certain to happen, predictable, a foregone conclusion Robert will come, sure as shit. He comes every day.
sure bet (See a sure bet)
sure thing (See a sure thing)
surf the Net survey the Internet or global computer network Olga is surfing the Net again - looking for a boy in the US.
swallow that believe that, buy that, eat that He said the company is bankrupt, but don't swallow that!
swallow your pride do not let your pride stop you, control your pride Swallow your pride. Accept the offer to return to your old job.
swear by believe in a product and say that it is good Joel swears by Chrysler cars. He's driven a Dodge for years.
swear like a sailor use vulgar language, use four-letter words, the air was blue Grace won't take her boyfriend to church because he swears like a sailor.
swear off quit using, abstain from Zack has sworn off beer until Christmas. He's quit completely.
sweat bullets worry, be very concerned or afraid or nervous I was sweating bullets when I heard your plane went down.
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