Idioms: don't borrow trouble -- don't give me that line/story etc.

don't borrow trouble do not invite their trouble; we have enough trouble When I said I was going to help my neighbor get a divorce, Pat said, "Don't borrow trouble."
don't count your chickens before they hatch do not expect all plans to be successful, wait until you get the final results "Look at the sales I'm going to make this month - over 50!" "Don't count your chickens... ."
don't eat that do not accept that, do not believe that After hearing the report, Ben said, "Don't eat that, guys."
don't get mad; get even do not waste your energy on anger, do get revenge; actions speak louder... To the victims he said, "Don't get mad. Get even. Report this to the police."
don't get me wrong do not misunderstand; take it the wrong way Don't get me wrong; I love literature, but I hate poetry.
don't get smart with me show more respect, do not talk back If you ask why, she'll say, "Don't get smart with me."
don't give a crap [B] do not care at all, do not value it, don't give a damn Janis doesn't care if he likes other girls. She said she doesn't give a crap.
don't give a damn [B] do not care, am not interested, give a shit [B] Jack's late for class every day and I don't give a damn! He's a big boy now and it's his business!
don't give me any of your lip do not talk back, do not refuse to do what I ask When the boy swore, she said, "Don't give me any of your lip."
don't give me that line/story etc. do not tell me that false story Don't give me that line about a cure for the common cold.
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